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Blue CrossBlue Shield of Texas

If you are currently in the market for a new health insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas could be the perfect Texas health insurance option for you in the state. When you realize that costs of health care as well as uninsured rates in the United States continue to rise unrelentingly, you can begin to appreciate the importance of conducting thorough research on the insurance company you want to take out a policy with. As of the middle of 2008, it was estimated that the number of Americans living without health insurance was 47 million. The number has gone up from 46.4 million in 2006.

The reason Texas health insurance is not obtained by every resident of the state is because even middle class citizens are having a hard time affording coverage. Independent companies like Blue CrossBlue Shield of Texas can offer lower rates to attract customers and give them and their families the coverage they long for. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is a large insurance company with a presence in all 50 states. There are 39 independent sub-companies that are community based and locally run. This adds to its appeal for anyone in the market for Texas health insurance.

Stability and Longevity Make a Perfect Company

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is a company that was founded in 1929. This is the oldest of the 39 independent branches of the BCBS of Texas insurance company. Corporate headquarters are located in Houston, Austin and Lubbock. This company provides Texas health insurance to over 4 million policy holders in several counties all across Texas. Throughout the entire country, Blue Cross Blue Shield serves nearly 100 million customers with insurance policies that give them great coverage, and the number of loyal and happy customers is only expected to remain on the incline in the years to follow.

They believe that every resident of the state should have access to health care that is of a high quality and available at a reasonable price. When you begin looking at policies provided through the company, you will find access to many different kinds of individual as well as family Texas health insurance coverage plans.The have beenserving the state for more than 70 years, giving them plenty of time to refine their plans and provide you with the best coverage possible.

This large company has the ultimate product portfolio offering everything from Texas PPO Doctor Co-Pay Plans, Texas Catastrophic Health Insurance all the way to their ultra affordable Texas High Deductible HSA Plans, with premiums lower than most any plan like it in most of the state. Over the past few years BC/BS also has had both the lowest and most manageable rate adjustments making them a company you can stay with for years.

Also, BCBS of Texas has the largest doctor and hospital network in the state virtually assuring your favorite doctor is in their network.

PPO Doctor/Hospital Finder

Strong Product Portfolio

PPO Doctor Co-Pay Plan w/Inclusive Co-Pay
One of the few companies on the market that offers some lab and x-rays included with their copay. This plan resembles the plans offered to employees that have group benefits. This plan does bring with it a higher monthly premium.

PPO Doctor Co-Pay Plans
Their traditional low cow pay plan for doctor visits and precription drugs.

High Deductible HSA Plans
Their bread and butter policy, this plan offers consumers the ability to open a Health Savings Account to pay for medical expenses now or save for future expenses. Their rates have been some of the lowest in the industry.

Catastrophic Plans
Not many companies still offering the traditional "old school" type coverage. It's simple, you pay a yearly deductible and then the plan pays at 75% until your maxium out of pocket is met.