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Welcome to our website, Peeler Insurance is the leading online resource for health insurance information, plans and rates. We have been providing consumers coverage since 1993.

 We are located in Texas and provide products to every corner of our great state. Because we are local we understand each health insurance provider better than anyone. Just like you, we live, work and raise our family right here.

The rates and benefits displayed on our site are direct from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

Comparison shopping is important therefore we will also review the other major Texas Health Insurance companies to confirm you are getting the best value for your health insurance dollars.


By far the most recognizable name in health insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. They have earned that respect through the years by providing quality, dependable coverage to consumers so much so that they are the single largest provider of health insurance in our state. They dominate both the individual and family markets as well as the group employer markets.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, founded in 1929 is the oldest of the 39 independent branches of the BCBS namesake. They provide coverage to over 4 million policy holders in Texas and BCBS serves nearly 100 million customers worldwide. They are the name in health care.

 Full Product Line

By offering a complete product line there is a product for almost every family and situation. Offerings like their full PPO Doctor Co-Pay plans, which find themselves very competitive on price to their super competitive Texas High Deductible HSA plans you cant go wrong selecting a product from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. They also offer a nice catastrophic policy that sometimes fits consumers requesting ultra high out of pockets.

Protection for Years to Come 

Based on prior years we have also found their normal rate increases to be below the market trends of other companies which is great at renewal time. No one likes changing health insurance companies year after year, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas we feel more confident the coverage you select today will keep you priced right for years to come.

 Most Doctors and Hospitals Included

BCBS of TX also has far and away the largest PPO doctor and hospital network in the state, hopefully allowing you to continue to see the doctor of your choice. With their name ID doctors are compelled to be a part of their network.

The most comprehensive of all Blue Cross plans providing some coverage for lab and x-ray precedures with a small doctor office copay. 
 There is also precription coverage included with this plan. Best resembles plans offeed by employeers offering group coverage.

The standard doctor office copay plan that resembles other companies copay plans. Small copay for office visits and precription drug coverage.

The low cost saver plan offers unlimited coverage after your yearly deductible is met.

This is a federaly qualified high deductible plan meeting guidelines for opening a Health Savings Account for future medical expenses.