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Humana Health Insurance Company Texas


If you are searching for the best Texas health insurance company to take out a policy with, Humana Insurance of Texas may be the right choice for you.  The company is known for its ability to provide broad coverage to many areas of the nation, including Texas.  Humana usually provides coverage for customers by means of employee benefits.  This means that businesses looking for the right kind of coverage to offer their employees tend to turn to the all-encompassing coverage of Humana.  Whether your company consists of ten employees or thousands, you can find coverage through Humana.

The company is preferred over many because of the reasonable prices and the fact that their policies are accepted at most main hospitals in Texas and across the entire nation.  Originally founded in 1961, this long-standing company began its days as a nursing home company.  Nearly half a century later, it is one of the largest and most recognized health insurance companies in the world.  The headquarters of the company are located in Kentucky, and Humana has over 7 million medical members located mostly in 22 of the 50 states plus Puerto Rico.  The company has expertise in several areas of Texas health insurance coverage, from dental and health insurance to life and disability insurance.


Simply because most people who use Humana as their Texas health insurance get it from their place of employment does not mean you could not obtain it on an individual or family basis.  The flexibility of the company and its ability to serve many people in different situations is one of the reasons Humana has become one of the largest health insurance companies in the world.  Whether you end up choosing Humana or another reputable company for a health insurance policy that works well for you, the only way you will know if you have gotten the best deal available for your situation is to conduct sufficient research.

The most easily performed method of obtaining Texas health insurance quotes from different health insurance companies is to perform a search online.  Searching through an insurance agency is one of the best online search methods because you can compare several quotes in a single online location.  Choosing an agency that will give you the freedom to seek quotes and compare coverage without nagging you until you buy one policy or another is essential in making your experience on such a site an enjoyable and beneficial one.


Humana of Texas offers several different product lines in the state and most all of them offer excellent benefits. Offerings include everything from the traditional PPO Texas Doctor Co-Pay Plan, the widely popular Texas High Deductible HSA Plans plans to the old stand by, low cost health insurance in Texas  known as Catastrophic plans. One of the nice things about Humana is that most plans offer an unlimited drug prescription benefit which is almost unheard of in todayĆ½s market. They also offer a zero deductible on their drug prescription card, of course for an additional premium. Few, if any major Texas health insurance companies offer the zero deductible option.

  • Co Pay Plans
    If you want coverage similar to employeer group plans these plan should be your plan of choice. These plans offer benefits for doctor visits with a Copay. Precription drug coverage comes with all Copay plans.
  • 100% After Deductible Plans
    If you want a plan that pays 100% for most covered in-network expenses after your deductible is met, consider these HumanaOne health plans. These health plans pay for your preventive care services before you have met your deductible, when you use an in-network provider. This group of plans also gives you the widest choice of deductible options.
  • Health Savings Accounts
    These plans offer similar benefits to the 100% after deductible plans except they offer one deductible and out of pocket per family and allow the consumer to put money into a Health Savings Account.
  • Short Term Medical
    Designed to offer coverage on a pre set number of weeks. Usualy used for the individual waiting for coverage to begin with another plan. Most cases can have coverage begin the day after you apply.

They also have some of the fastest underwriting in the industry with most policies issued within a few hours of submitting the application. Health conditions could slow down the process but they still are quicker than anyone else in the business. This comes in handy for the consumer that finds they are up against the time clock before their current coverage expires.